Holder Bros. Receive Timber Framers Guild Journeyworker Designation  

Posted by Whit

Monroe, Georgia

Whit and Gabel Holder were recently accepted as certified journeyworkers in the newly started Timber Framers Guild Apprenticeship Program.
The Holder Bros. were selected by the TFG as part of the first thirty professional timber framers in the United States to receive the designation of journeyworker as recognized by the Federal Department of Labor in Washington, DC.
The program operates according to the National Standards of Apprenticeship developed by the TFG.
There are currently four apprentices enrolled in the program, and each apprentice must enroll and work under the supervision of a journeyworker.
Apprentice timber framers will spend three years of on the job training using the TFG training curriculum and complete 144 hours of related classroom training.
This program has been in development within the TFG for approximately ten years.